Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy, but memorable days

It's only June 4th and this month has been so busy already. My little Brie just started VPK five days a week before she begins kindergarten in August, Kyler finishes first grade on June 10, and I'm just trying to keep up with my real job as an arts and entertainment editor ... and with my second job and passion, my photography. I'm having a blast, but really need to get organized!

But as I look at all the photos below that I've taken since February (when I got my new camera and made up my mind to get back into photography), I know that I was meant to do this.

I am moved by everyone who I am lucky enough to take a photo of ... and thankful for every little great moment!

Below are photos of Dinah Evans and her family. I met Dinah more than 4 years ago when I joined the MOMS Club in St. Augustine. Her boys are adorable ... as are her husband Jason, and his brother, Matt, also shown below as the Evans Brothers Band. They are local musicians who perform around town. What a beautiful family!

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